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25th-Aug-2006 04:33 pm(no subject)
well in three days it will have been a month since i've been home from australia. *tear* i love that place to death and i do want to live there one day *tee hee* sadly i lost my boy. he now has a girlfriend who isn't me. oh well, i'm moving on and i'll find one! lol
18th-Jul-2006 03:37 pm - Greeting from Down Under!
My hearts being in love

Australia is B-eautiful! I've been here for a week so far and I love it to death! Wow, I'm just happy that I can tell you guys! I know you all miss me as I miss all of you. But don't fret, I'll be home soon enough and then I'll have huge ass cut of pics i took while I was in the Land Down Under> The people are nicer than in the states! Well the majority of them are at least. A few bad apples, but we get that everywhere we go though. Anywho, everythings going swell. I'm doing fairly well with my iPod :D I'm building character! Anywho, got to go. Much love!



2nd-Jul-2006 11:52 am - blah blah blah
My hearts being in love
9 more days! YAY! I love my braids! :D hehe I do I do! Anyways, I got a curling iron for $10 when it was supposed to be $13. I am that good lol *jk* Anyways. I'm going swimming soon and i can get my hair wet since I used human hair instead of synthetic. I hate getting weaves with synthetic hair Ugh!!!! It's a pain in the ass and it gets so fucking nappy and shit UGH! Anywho, I leave for Pittsburgh in one day! YAY Family Reunion. YEs I like going to my family reunions thank you very much hehe anyways, it'll be hella fun. Plus I get to go to Kennywood twice! I ♥ that place so fucking much! It's like going to a local Six Flags. Speaking of theme parks, I need to get my ass to Great America ASAP!
1st-Jul-2006 10:19 pm - hair
I beat bitches up/Cuddy
Omfg! I just got my hair braided and I have a huge ass headache! It fucking hurts! Plus it took 8 hours to braid my hair. A long ass time of sitting on my ass and have NOTHING to eat! Holy shit that tourture! Although now, I don't have to feel guilty hehe. 9 more days until I depart!
27th-Jun-2006 01:45 pm - 14 days
My hearts being in love
Meh, I want love............. Love sounds nice right now. Anywho, I have two weeks before I go down under! I'm so excited and I feel gouregous right now! Yes, I feel appreciated right now. I don't know why, but I do. So don't fuck up my happy moment! Other than that, we finally got the air conditioning fixed. Thank god! Other than that, meh, I need love. L.O.V.E. Gah............... I am so randomly bored! I need to start packing for the trip. ta ta!
23rd-Jun-2006 01:19 pm(no subject)
My hearts being in love
So today is Jerrad's Birthday. Yey! And I'm off to his party soon :) YAY! I haven't seen Pleasantville in a while. It's a pretty good movie. Anyways, Jerrad's 17 and i leave for Australia in 19 more days!!!!!! WOW! This is so awesome! Anyways, I need to bounce. I get to see Jerrad so yeah, hopefully Tamara can still make it to his party i hope. I don't want to be the only delegate there. If that happens, oh well, I'll live. I'm good with people anyways. :D
20th-Jun-2006 04:29 pm - poor class of '10
Kira and Conner from Dino Thunder
To all freshmen!

Heres the deal:

- Do not wear brazilian pants and an abercrombie shirt because you want to make "a variety of friends."

- Do not slick your bangs to your face and wear "bracelets" in you're ears because you think that *You're Hood*.

- Sex doesn't make you cool, and it won't make the upperclass boys think any higher of you.

- You are a F-R-E-S-H-M-A-N.. not a "Freshie".. shut up u sound queer.

- Don't think you're smart because you filled up water bottles with vodka and snuck it onto your 8th grade field trip. We've all done it.. so don't be proud.

- Don't post things like "FINALLY FRESH!! LOLZZZ" on myspace. If anything, you suck big time.

- DO NOT think that the upperclass girls are your best friends.. we will just laugh at you.
- Don't think that you have privacy now that you're at U-Skool. Once you're here, your buisness is everyone's buisness.

- Don't try to sit at upperclassmen lunch tables. You will be picked up and thrown onto the floor.

- You'll never be as hott as the '06, '07, '08, and '09 girls. So don't try.

- Don't try to say you're older than you really are. The way you walk, dress, and talk just has freshman written all over you.

- You're name is " The Class of '10." haha.. enough said.

Dear 8th Graders who just graduated,

Congrats....now you're the lowest of the low....the freshman. So,

Here are just a few helpful words of advice:

You are Not cool.

Everyone Does Hate You.

You are annoying.

When you come into high school in the fall, please don't try to
act cool because what's cool to you usually isn't cool with the upper classmen. Stick to your middle school friends unless you know someone.
Please DO NOT stand in the middle of the halls & talk to your friends, because the upper classmen can (& most likely will), push you out of the way & call you a stupid freshman. You will get hurt.

Stay with your freshman.

It's not cool to be loud, think you're cute, etc. You'll probably get shut down.

NEVER talk back to upperclassmen. Just don't try it.

Don't go there screaming that '10 stuff.'07, '08 and '09 WILL regulate.
Don't try to get with a boy who's older than you...chances are...they have a girlfriend who Will hurt you.

Believe me---You can't win. Have fun being a freshman...for a fun-filled year.


-The Classes of '06, '07, '08, and '09

-If you're an upperclassmen: repost this
18th-Jun-2006 12:37 pm - 23 days to go

Samantha will be interpretting in third person today. Sammie is excited about her trip coming up in 23 days!!! Sammie also went shopping yesterday for the first time in a while and she is very satisfied right now. *sighs* Sammie want's chinese food right now but she has to wait to get money from her father to get her food. *sighs* Okay, enough third person! Well, I think I have to say that I'm a little hungry and I want some chinese food. Anyways, I can't wait til I leave! Pictures will be taken as I promised many people to share and I will have a party when i return from Austrailia and I will have some of my friends who I delgate with at the party as well to share our memories with all of you guys. I don't think I'll have a chance to rant online while I'm gone. If I do have the chance, then you'll know from hearing from me XD. I'm deffenetly looking forward to going to Sydney! This will be exciting *grabs handful of wheat thins* I'm hungry and now I want to watch CSI. Random update: I'm getting my ATM card!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!

11th-Jun-2006 07:57 pm - 30
30 more days until i leave! I know you're going to miss me as i will miss you. I had my last p2p meeting yesterday which was a BBQ. I had fun, and so did my dad. He actually went for once! I'm happy he went too. GOsh, I got my shirt yesterday too! Crimson *burgundy* i like crimson lol but I love my shirt! I get more excited as time passes by. and I need to get my homestay gift. I'm nervous and excited about the homestay at the same time. heh. i still need to finish up my shopping. so this week is deffinetly a shopping week for me! I could use a shopping spree. *sighs* I love The Hills. Awesome show. Anyways, Teen Vogue as well as Seventeen lol. I need to get another music card for iTunes lol anyways, going to squee some more!
9th-Jun-2006 11:23 am - Countdown begins
Kira and Conner from Dino Thunder
32 days until I'm off to Austrailia! Exciting much you ask? Indeed! I'm ecstatic about the whole thing! hehe and I found out what time I leave SFO. Jully 11 at 5:10!!!!!!!!! Holy crap! This is so cool! I just need to express how ecstatic I am right now!!!!! Other than that, I went to Thursday Night Market last night. I saw a lot of peeps that I'm not too fond of. Whether they were fake to me or I had a loathe for them, i saw them unfortunetly. Thank goodness for Planet Earth Rising. Awesome store!!! Also it wasn't too crowded. I just know not to buy charcol insence. I almost lit my room on fire last night. Not fun! Anyways, I'm sticking with Garden Of Enchantments for that one lol. hehe. I need to work on more fanfiction that's clean. As of now, we just wait. hehe bleh. Jerrad's birthday is in a few weeks! And I was invited to his bday party! Heck yes! NOw I get to meet his peeps lol.
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